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This was just a terrible company to work with and I advise avoiding at all costs. If you don't feel like reading this whole post, to sum up: they would take weeks to respond to emails, no quality control on copywriting or links, and did not deliver on their promise of links staying posted for a minimum of 60 days. For more, keep reading... They charged an incredibly high price for work that we essentially could have outsourced to an Indian firm... Read more

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This is an unscrupulous company that will literally steal your money. I unwittingly hired them for three months and I would have been better off burning the money, at least I wouldn't have had to deal with them. As a for instance, the contract stated they would spend $500 per month on facebook advertising, but when they sent me the ads, they were so horrible that they agreed they shouldn't run them. They said they would concentrate on SEO. I... Read more

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This company will try so hard to amaze you with a lot of worthless technical reports and confusing behavior. None of it is to help your business online, the only goal is to take your money and immediately use it to aggressively market their own brand & hide all the real bad reviews like this one, and add a bunch of positive fake content. They don't care anything about you or your goals, they will consistently assign a new project manager to... Read more

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